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How to discover more music?

The title says it all, how to discover more music? Or how to get yourself exposed to more music?
These are the ‘methods’ I find very handy!
i) Use pandora.com
Go to their website and type in your favorite artists or songs, and they will create a station that explores for you. The sound quality of their internet […]

每次测试器材,我都用Eva Cassidy的最后录音Live at blue alley来试音。这是近年来难得的精彩录音,无论演唱、编曲和录音,都近乎完美!其中Bridge over troubled waters是我的最爱。原唱者应该是Simon and Garfunkel,还有不同的演唱版本,不过Eva的演绎也让人耳目一新。

Plucker and PPI


进入到PPI里,在”Look Word in”一栏选”Custom”,然后填上我爱用的ZDic_DA

进入到Plucker的Preferences里,找到”Lookup”,在”Action”中选”Look up in PPI”即可。


KeyguardTime+ 5.1 (Treo)

KeyguardTime+ 5.1 has been updated recently over at MTDN.
It’s now added 6 languages supports [English (enUS), French (frFR), German (deDE), Spanish (esES), Chinese simplified (zhCN), Chinese traditional (zhTW)]
PIMs support
Battery status graphically displayed
Voicemail, data, and roaming indicators
Seconds hand/digits optionally shown on key popup
NVFS DBcache memory display (on the 650)
New setup forms
Miscellaneous other improvements and issues […]

Using Getdeblu

Recently I found some good use of Getdeblu, that can be used to receive basically any files into the expansion card through Bluetooth, IrDA and Hotsync. I have a monochrome palm Acer s10 that I had never succeed with hotsyncing it with a Mac, even using Missing Sync for PalmOS. But I will still keep […]

Checking Hotmail in your Palm

There’s no way for VersaMail or SnapperMail to directly fetch Hotmail or MSN mail, as Hotmail uses a closed protocol that SnapperMail does not support. But I encountered a link that allows us to check Hotmail or MSN mail directly in PDA’s web browsers, it works on Blazer but not on Xiino.

Missing Sync for Palm OS 4.0

I just purchased Missing Sync for Palm OS 4.0, now I can mount my palm handhelds directly to the Mac for file transfer, it’s like drive mode that being missed in the latest handheld, Palm TX. Oh yeah, I have TX for almost a week.
The syncing process seems to be faster compared to the […]

Treo resets after hotsync

I have not installed anything in my Treo 650 these days and used only PIM and Documents To Go mainly for my work. Because of that, the last hotsync I performed was nearly one month ago and I depended on BackupMan heavily to keep my entire data backup.
Yesterday I was installing the Destaller Lite […]

Diddlebug again!

Just updated my Treo 650 to software version 1.13, it helps me to cope with the very precious RAM available. Immediately I have Diddlebug installed back, now I am very happy with my Treo again!
This is the screenshot in which Diddlebug is one of the utilities that I used to practise my chinese calligraphy:

I will […]

Finally, palmOne has released this patch which improves memory handling issues, and the 512 bytes syndrome is now gone (with fingers crossed). I’ve updated mine, however, it frees up only 3MB and I’d expected more. Installation of the updater is pretty easy, I backed up all my data using BackupMan instead of the conventional hotsyncing […]

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