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Songbook Tools

I am wondering how many fellows out there have their favorite songbooks on their palms. Carrying a PDA nowadays is equivalent to carry a range of ebooks, games, and mp3, to most people if not all. I know quite a number of my friends use their palms as mp3 player. It would be nice when […]

Scheduling soft reset

I find my Treo 650 very often slowing down to a crawl and I have to soft reset to fix this issue. So I thought to schedule soft reset events perhaps a daily basic will be a good practice for the Treo. Special case like Tungsten T5, I’d heard many users complained about a daily […]

I have a previous entry about backing up and conversion of Treo650 sms messages into plain text file. It is a PC executable file and hence it’s not convenient for Mac users with a Treo. I’ve written a php version of sms2csv, with modified code from C++ version by Viacheslav Kaloshin.
I am running it on […]

Kevin Bacon and his Treo

Look like a Treo 600, but I am afraid its images quality won’t be good enough.

Learned this over at Pumb, by using sms2csv which allows users to backup Treo 650 sms messages into csv file and can be viewed by Excel.
1. Download the latest version 0.4 and run the sms2csv.exe, one downside is it doesn’t has a GUI so you need to execute at command prompt.
2. Go to your […]

This program was intented for VisorPhone users, but I’ve just tried it on Treo 650, it is very good. It shows the total usages of incoming and outgoing calls and duration time, and they all summarized at a glance. You can even set your service plan settings for the rate.

Download here

Keyshades 1.0 and Getdeblu 1.1 have been updated, these two applications are must-have for Treo 650 in my opinion. In fact, I have them.
Old entry: Keyshades
Old entry: Getdeblu

Have you ever wonder about to delete the preset Favorites buttons on Treo 650? When just received the Treo, there are already favorite buttons preset to Contacts, Voicemail, Camera, Web and Messaging. However, I never use Voicemail at all and I don’t use RealPlayer and Blazer, I want to delete them to change to other […]

Recently I’d gotten some problem using my Treo, first it started off when I used Destaller Lite to delete Power DA, it prompted to ask for a soft reset in order to proceed. After a reset, my Treo had lost Hotsync ID and several applications pre-loaded automatically prompted and said they’d already expired, please register, […]


Just saw this over at HI-PDA!, it’s still in beta stage and welcome other Treo 650 users to test. It uses the 26 alphabet letters on Treo’s keyboard to launch applications or DAs, long press will do and provided you launch this in application where you can’t typing. So in SMS or datebook or memo, […]

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