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Finally, palmOne has released this patch which improves memory handling issues, and the 512 bytes syndrome is now gone (with fingers crossed). I’ve updated mine, however, it frees up only 3MB and I’d expected more. Installation of the updater is pretty easy, I backed up all my data using BackupMan instead of the conventional hotsyncing […]

Reset utilities

Look like I really like to talk about ’soft reset’ occasionally, but my Treo 650 just doing fine without giving me any nasty problem nowadays. Currently I’m using mReset, it does only one thing that’s to soft reset your device. It’s small but may not be enough.
I found another two apps for this purpose, but […]

Zero Out Reset

Happened to browse through palmOne’s Knowledge Library about “Resetting your device“, and just noticed the ‘Zero Out reset’ for Treo 650, Tungsten T5. It has been there for quite sometime, but I just learn it today. Because these two devices use a non-volatile memory, it’s possible that a low level utility can still recover information […]

Scheduling soft reset

I find my Treo 650 very often slowing down to a crawl and I have to soft reset to fix this issue. So I thought to schedule soft reset events perhaps a daily basic will be a good practice for the Treo. Special case like Tungsten T5, I’d heard many users complained about a daily […]

Learned this over at Pumb, by using sms2csv which allows users to backup Treo 650 sms messages into csv file and can be viewed by Excel.
1. Download the latest version 0.4 and run the sms2csv.exe, one downside is it doesn’t has a GUI so you need to execute at command prompt.
2. Go to your […]

Have you ever wonder about to delete the preset Favorites buttons on Treo 650? When just received the Treo, there are already favorite buttons preset to Contacts, Voicemail, Camera, Web and Messaging. However, I never use Voicemail at all and I don’t use RealPlayer and Blazer, I want to delete them to change to other […]

Recently I’d gotten some problem using my Treo, first it started off when I used Destaller Lite to delete Power DA, it prompted to ask for a soft reset in order to proceed. After a reset, my Treo had lost Hotsync ID and several applications pre-loaded automatically prompted and said they’d already expired, please register, […]

Small tips: from BMP to JPEG

I took screenshots on Treo occasionally, using snap because it’s free. It generates screenshots in bmp format and stored in the directory of /Palm/Program/Snap. I am using Resco Viewer as it is fast compared to built-in Media (also a photo viewer) in Treo. And I just found this in Resco Viewer, long tap the screenshot […]

Before I owned a Treo 650, I used to install games in main memory and yet I didn’t feel any constraint by doing so. Now I have Treo and many of these little games actually occupied a lot of space due to NVFS issues. (I still haven’t updated the firmwares being discussed over at TreoCentral) […]

Hiding unused applications

Just came across this freeware, Obfuscate which lets you quickly and easily hide ROM-based applications from your launcher. It does what it claims, very useful as I already accumulate quite a number of apps. I like the look of original native palm launcher and I always choose to view ‘All’ for the categories. When I […]