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I am hooked with this game again, and I got the reason:
“Grouper is a cool puzzle-card game played by finding groups in a set of cards. It is based on the original card game Set, which is a modern kind of a match-the-tiles (Memory) game. But instead of matching 2 cards, Grouper requires 3. And […]

Interesting site

I was told about this site having plenty of nice flash games in four categories, i.e. action, shooting, fighting, and puzzle. This website is run by a company based in Hong Kong, which has a history of over 20 years trading in the field of game-accessories. They even have Contra in flash, this reminds me […]


Hellfire: Apache vs Hind
最近不少人都在谈论的游戏。。 有PalmOS和PPC windows mobile两种版本,很刺激~~

Hellfire: Apache vs. Hind is an arcade helicopter combat game featuring:
Worldwide missions to complete, including multiple objectives per mission.
Varied enemies, Prisoners of war to rescue and varied enemies.
Choice of Apache AH64A/D Longbow or MiL Mi-24 D Hind helicopters, both with realistic weapon loadouts and capabilities.
Full realtime rendered terrain […]