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Kevin Bacon and his Treo

Look like a Treo 600, but I am afraid its images quality won’t be good enough.

Vegas Betting on PDAs

Spotted this news over at BargainPDA. “Nevada is close to passing legislation that would give casinos the go-ahead to test wireless gambling on PDAs and other handheld devices. When the law passes, gamblers would no longer be restricted to the casino floor to place wagers. With a WiFi enabled PDA users could play slots, bet […]

I feel really sorry for the recent tragedy caused by the deadly waves in asia. The New York Times has an amazing page of infographics and photos of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. I read through and felt nothing I could do but only to make a donation to help those survived.
One of the thousands of […]


Palm IIIxe/e - S$25 each
Palm IIIc - S$30 each
Palm Vx - S$30 each
Palm m125 - S$50 each
Palm m505 - S$100 each
Palm m515 - S$120 each
Palm Tungsten T - S$150 each
Palm Tungsten W - S$280 each
Sony 360 w/o cradle - S$30 each
Sony320 w/o cradle - S$30 each
Sony300 w/o cradle - S$30 each
Sony 615 - S$120 each
Sony […]

这似乎是第一例Symbian OS平台上的蠕虫病毒,具体内容可以看这里http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/epoc.cabir.html
该病毒主要在Nokia series 60 phones上复制,然后通过SIS文件传播,当用户按照病毒的提示安装它之后,他会在系统再次启动时寻找临近的篮牙设备并将自己复制过去(蓝牙设备,有牙的打印机也不能幸免),以达到传播的目的,目前并没有发现该病毒有其他的破坏行为。
Livy @2004-6-16 20:11:53
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回复:symantec: Symbian OS蠕虫
By:iamchaoyi @2004-6-16 22:29:08
回复:symantec: Symbian OS蠕虫
.sis 是S60系统中的.exe,但是.jar在S60电话中也能运行~
By:iamchaoyi @2004-6-16 22:28:01
回复:symantec: Symbian OS蠕虫
.sis file is the ‘installer’ that you’ll be eventually sending to your phone. Last time I downloaded a game for S-E T610, it’s also .sis file…
By:Livy @2004-6-16 20:26:27
回复:symantec: Symbian OS蠕虫
By:老公 @2004-6-16 20:18:14

Look, interesting! Unfortunately, it is not shipped with any PalmOS support! Again, palm and clie users are out of luck! How sad..

Treo 666

看到一个搞笑的Treo 666,最近老是有这些谣言中的Treo 610, Treo 660, Treo 500等照片‘曝光’,最新看到的是没有那根antenna的Treo 660,不过照片仔细看看得出来是假的,最边上的线条不自然,明显经过PS的。现在看到了Treo 666……..我想说什么呢?。。。真是笑死我了

According to Brighthand, “Wi-Fi SD Card with 256 MB of Storage Coming Next Month” .
The new card is compatible with devices that include an SDIO-enabled slot and use Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 for either Pocket PC or Smartphone. A Palm OS version will be released eventually, but SanDisk says this won’t […]

Twinmos singapore又有促销了,瞅了一下,比我上个月买的时候便宜一点 256MB SD卡只要$96,比256MB MMC卡便宜,上个月则是MMC比SD便宜。到flashcard-bestbuy瞅了一下,256MB HTL MMC卡要$102,但是没有听过HTL。。Ridata 512MB MMC要$197(两年warranty)。。
自从上个月给了我bf一个索尼的SJ30,我便有意无意怂恿他升级 然后他换了TT2,我给他提议的。现在每天早上上班途中他有了胖都少给我发简讯了
现在我要对他劝败memory card….
Livy @2004-5-20 7:12:48
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By:Livy @2004-5-20 21:28:57
我是女的。。呵呵。。twinmos上的促销,256MB SD卡$96,我没眼花,真的:http://www.twinmos.com.sg/promo/promo_may04.asp
By:Livy @2004-5-20 21:25:38
By:Wuvist @2004-5-20 18:06:50
汗呐…….. 都被算中啦~~~~~~~~~~
By:老公 @2004-5-20 12:14:41


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