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Archive for September, 2004

Gmail-lite in PHP

Now I got a Gmail account, and I have a palm a bluetooth phone on-the-go. And it’ll be cool to check the gmail mailbox on a PDA’s browser, so somebody has written a script for html-interface of gmail to be browse on a PDA. You can get it here.
Here are some screenshots on my T3 […]


Palm IIIxe/e - S$25 each
Palm IIIc - S$30 each
Palm Vx - S$30 each
Palm m125 - S$50 each
Palm m505 - S$100 each
Palm m515 - S$120 each
Palm Tungsten T - S$150 each
Palm Tungsten W - S$280 each
Sony 360 w/o cradle - S$30 each
Sony320 w/o cradle - S$30 each
Sony300 w/o cradle - S$30 each
Sony 615 - S$120 each
Sony […]