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Archive for April, 2005

Some thoughts on StyleTap

StyleTap (beta) is released and claims to run PalmOS apps on PPC, it’s very interesting software and I can think of its great potential. However, I got fatal error while trying to run this interpreter on my only PPC Acer n30 (error code: access violation Pc: 0×560d8. The program will now terminate). Well I am […]

sms crashes on Treo 650

I encountered this problem twice where messaging can crash my treo. I noticed this happened when all my messages in Inbox, Sent and Outbox had over 270 messages, what happened next was my Inbox suddenly disappeared out of a sudden. I couldn’t send out sms and when there were incoming message, the treo soft reset […]




Igor Nesterov, the developer of YAHM, has onced again make it. The patched version of graffiti 1 is now working on PalmOS 5.4 Garnet. It works like a champ on my treo, also I can write capital letters directly on the middle of the screen.
Why on earth people would like to write graffiti on a […]


This is a freeware by doomsey from TreoCentral, keyshades is a free alternative to KBLightsOff and mLights to control the keyboard backlights on Treo 650 (may work on the Treo 600). Currently usable keyboard backlights utilities are sharewares. It’s really good to see the freeware alternative. There’s no screenshot to show, after installation of keyshades, […]

Soft reset

The design for the reset hole in Treo 650 is very bad. Many times when I need to perform a soft reset I have to take off the Boxwave FlexiSkin, just for soft reset. Today I spotted this newly available freeware, A Reset v6.0 which helps soft resetting for changes to be saved in palms. […]

Notepad replacement

I am in a dilemma of getting myself a notepad replacement for my Treo 650. I was a great fan of Diddlebug, with the convenient of plugins enhancement it’s great to be the choice. However, the application alone uses 245KB of RAM in Treo due to the way NVFS system works. So I have gotten […]


Woo! This is nice. With YaGoohoo!gle we can now get the both worlds of Yahoo! and Google. And I like the look too, get double the search on one screen. Strongly recommend.

High-grade water

I am biochemistry trained but I am afraid I don’t even have a good knowledge of how water is defined for grades. The MilliQ water I use routinely told us that 18 MOhms is referred to as the highest grade. I have raised the question as to why 18 MOhms specifically? But none of my […]

Palm Open Source

Found this site when I searching around for new softwares, PalmOpenSource that is created by the Open Source Initiative which is a non-profit corporation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source Definition for the good of the community. I think this site hasn’t been mentioned much elsewhere. And yes, I love freeware, especially those […]

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