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Recently I’d gotten some problem using my Treo, first it started off when I used Destaller Lite to delete Power DA, it prompted to ask for a soft reset in order to proceed. After a reset, my Treo had lost Hotsync ID and several applications pre-loaded automatically prompted and said they’d already expired, please register, […]


Just saw this over at HI-PDA!, it’s still in beta stage and welcome other Treo 650 users to test. It uses the 26 alphabet letters on Treo’s keyboard to launch applications or DAs, long press will do and provided you launch this in application where you can’t typing. So in SMS or datebook or memo, […]

Small tips: from BMP to JPEG

I took screenshots on Treo occasionally, using snap because it’s free. It generates screenshots in bmp format and stored in the directory of /Palm/Program/Snap. I am using Resco Viewer as it is fast compared to built-in Media (also a photo viewer) in Treo. And I just found this in Resco Viewer, long tap the screenshot […]

Treo baby

The title is quite misleading, anyway my Treo didn’t give birth to a baby. LOL
The camera really came in handy when I saw something cute. This baby was snapped by Treo’s camera without permission from the baby’s parents. Yes, quickly turn off the sound and snap, otherwise the Treo will make embarrassing loud “KA-CHA” sound […]

Before I owned a Treo 650, I used to install games in main memory and yet I didn’t feel any constraint by doing so. Now I have Treo and many of these little games actually occupied a lot of space due to NVFS issues. (I still haven’t updated the firmwares being discussed over at TreoCentral) […]

Mass SMS on Treo

To mass send SMS is easy with ‘Favourites’ button on Treo 650. There’s no need of third-party software like funSMS, and you can assign the groups of people you want to send for SMS/MMS.

Go to Phone application and add a new ‘Favourite’

Select the Type as Message (SMS), and from there the Label can lookup […]

This is a question being asked frequently by newbies, so I’d listed 10 apps mainly of utilities for Treo.
1. Radio Control (freeware)
- set the time for radio turn on/off, it can be customised to turn on radio after a reset.
2. KeyCaps650 (donationware)
- KeyCaps650 allows you to easily capitalize letters or use punctuation without using […]


I am hooked with this game again, and I got the reason:
“Grouper is a cool puzzle-card game played by finding groups in a set of cards. It is based on the original card game Set, which is a modern kind of a match-the-tiles (Memory) game. But instead of matching 2 cards, Grouper requires 3. And […]

Interesting site

I was told about this site having plenty of nice flash games in four categories, i.e. action, shooting, fighting, and puzzle. This website is run by a company based in Hong Kong, which has a history of over 20 years trading in the field of game-accessories. They even have Contra in flash, this reminds me […]

Hiding unused applications

Just came across this freeware, Obfuscate which lets you quickly and easily hide ROM-based applications from your launcher. It does what it claims, very useful as I already accumulate quite a number of apps. I like the look of original native palm launcher and I always choose to view ‘All’ for the categories. When I […]

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