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Archive for June, 2005

Diddlebug again!

Just updated my Treo 650 to software version 1.13, it helps me to cope with the very precious RAM available. Immediately I have Diddlebug installed back, now I am very happy with my Treo again!
This is the screenshot in which Diddlebug is one of the utilities that I used to practise my chinese calligraphy:

I will […]

Finally, palmOne has released this patch which improves memory handling issues, and the 512 bytes syndrome is now gone (with fingers crossed). I’ve updated mine, however, it frees up only 3MB and I’d expected more. Installation of the updater is pretty easy, I backed up all my data using BackupMan instead of the conventional hotsyncing […]

Reset utilities

Look like I really like to talk about ’soft reset’ occasionally, but my Treo 650 just doing fine without giving me any nasty problem nowadays. Currently I’m using mReset, it does only one thing that’s to soft reset your device. It’s small but may not be enough.
I found another two apps for this purpose, but […]

Zero Out Reset

Happened to browse through palmOne’s Knowledge Library about “Resetting your device“, and just noticed the ‘Zero Out reset’ for Treo 650, Tungsten T5. It has been there for quite sometime, but I just learn it today. Because these two devices use a non-volatile memory, it’s possible that a low level utility can still recover information […]