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Archive for July, 2005

Little-tube amplifier

I just got myself a headphone amplifier, the Little Dot II from here. It’s really small, yet look so elegant with the blue LED’s under the tubes. The seller sent it to me on Monday, however, it arrived on Wednesday! I didn’t know that it could be so fast to deliver (from China to Singapore), […]

The sky

These are some pictures taken with Treo 650’s camera. It really comes in handy when you need something to snap.

The sky

I received the new iPod with colour display on that same day after I placed my order. Having fully charged the iPod for more than 5 hours (the experts over at iPodlounge said charging for 3 hours before first use is recommended), I went out to shop for nice casing to cover up my sexy […]

New iPod, yeah yeah

I dropped my 3rd generation iPod last week, and now the new iPod is out. It’s time for me to upgrade, I got a good reason and don’t feel guilty at all. My iPod was already out of warranty, it dropped accidentally while I put it into pants pocket. It didn’t fit in, however, it […]