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Archive for March, 2007

How to discover more music?

The title says it all, how to discover more music? Or how to get yourself exposed to more music?
These are the ‘methods’ I find very handy!
i) Use pandora.com
Go to their website and type in your favorite artists or songs, and they will create a station that explores for you. The sound quality of their internet […]

每次测试器材,我都用Eva Cassidy的最后录音Live at blue alley来试音。这是近年来难得的精彩录音,无论演唱、编曲和录音,都近乎完美!其中Bridge over troubled waters是我的最爱。原唱者应该是Simon and Garfunkel,还有不同的演唱版本,不过Eva的演绎也让人耳目一新。