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Hiding unused applications

Just came across this freeware, Obfuscate which lets you quickly and easily hide ROM-based applications from your launcher. It does what it claims, very useful as I already accumulate quite a number of apps. I like the look of original native palm launcher and I always choose to view ‘All’ for the categories. When I press ‘Home’ button on Treo, I always saw ‘Quick Tour’, ‘Bluetooth’, Card Info’ in the first place. Using Obfuscate, just hide whatever and it’s now clean and neat. I am sure people tend to use other third-party apps more than ROM-based.

Update: Obfuscate had caused some nasty soft resets and I’d spent almost two hours in doing hard resets (VERY VEry VeRY very pissed of!) to erase and restore data. Each time after a crash I lost my Hotsync ID and the Hotsync Log in Treo said “Never synchronized”. And the problem came, when I did simply a hotsync with the Mac I’d gotten EVERYTHING back into the Treo. EVERYTHING replicated here and there, and I just realized the Backups folder actually contains EVERYTHING that I’d previously installed but later deleted applications. This is amazing as when I used a PC the backups folder would just kept up-to-date and synchronized, eliminated applications that I’d deleted. This is never a good way for me to do a backup from Mac after a hard reset. I don’t know about other Mac users, are you having this problem as me? I quickly checked the Backup conduit settings over my Mac, only three options “Backup”, “Restore from Backup”, “Do nothing”. I think I cannot change anything from the setting, it just “Backup” EVERYTHING, and better use a backup applications such as BackupMan (this apps not really stable in Treo 650, sometimes OK sometimes unreasonable refuses to do its job properly), or RFBackup which has been recommended by many people in blogs or forums, but the drawback is it’s very SLOW compared to BackupMan.

Oh yes, last but not least, how I know Obfuscate caused a soft reset? By dialing #*377, and a dialog pop up would tell you the last soft reset was caused by what:

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