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How to discover more music?

The title says it all, how to discover more music? Or how to get yourself exposed to more music?

These are the ‘methods’ I find very handy!

i) Use pandora.com
Go to their website and type in your favorite artists or songs, and they will create a station that explores for you. The sound quality of their internet station is remarkable. Can you help me discover more music that I’ll like? Yes, they can help you.

ii) read Music forums
Such as Audio Asylum, pink fish media, SH forums, head-fi’s music forum (ignore other forums, don’t say I did not warn you), any forums that you can post and search and read will be good enough. Generally you can read about others’ recommendations, this is what you want. If you are more sociable than me, get to know some forummers that share the same music tastes with you, they’d know something better that you never know.

iii) Get to know some musicians
Why? They can show you around which guitar shops they normally hang around , and which CD shop they like to go. The owner of the shop is very cool to talk to, knowledgeable in the genres you are not familar. They are the live version of Pandora! :P

iv) Check amazon
How you know if this album is good or bad? I usually would check amazon’s ratings and customer reviews. Reliable, as a result, I like what I bought so far. “Customers who bought this item also bought”, this show you the connection of the album you bought with others that you’ve not experienced yet.

v) Create your own radio @ last.fm
Registration is free, onced you are done with registration, just start to listen, listen, listen, listen………. It will organize nicely your weekly top artists, overall top artists, overall top tracks you have been listening for you. Besides that, it will explore other neighbours who share similar preference as you, and a taste-o-meter. Must try! A sample of my radio.

After all these homework, I would write down the album names I am going to get next time onto my Treo 650 (with the help of ThoughtManager).

Happy Listening!

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