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Notepad replacement

I am in a dilemma of getting myself a notepad replacement for my Treo 650. I was a great fan of Diddlebug, with the convenient of plugins enhancement it’s great to be the choice. However, the application alone uses 245KB of RAM in Treo due to the way NVFS system works. So I have gotten myself the Notepad.prc from a friend’s Tungsten T5, it’s much smaller and with only 134KB RAM occupied. The Notepad from palmOne is simple to use, and I don’t understand why it’s being missed in Treo. I use Notepad for reminder after scribbling for notes. But it’s too plain for sketching. After all I spotted two freewares, PenPenCol and Sketcher, both support for Hi-Res colour devices.
They have been around for sometime, but IMO diddlebug and BugMe! are far too popular to get away all the attention from them. After trying, I found that PenPenCol is very much the same as Notepad, i.e. you can write as much as you can in one page with the aid of a scroll bar. But PenPenCol has the feature to display the whole content in one window, and it saves the notes in expansion card with the Bitmap format so that they can be used later in PC.
The notes can be saved for only the current page by selecting to save ‘1 frame’, or to be saved all by “1 page at four frames”, one note created in memory card usually more than 100KB. So 4 frames together can be 400KB in total. Is it too large?

However, it lacks an alarm. And it doesn’t have an eraser, but I think with the ‘Undo’ it’s still fine. To me, if it has alarm I would certainly go for it. It doesn’t occupy too much RAM, in fact it’s same size as Notepad from Tungsten T5.

Sketcher is another application that I am considering. It’s very much the same as Diddlebug, it has an eraser and alarm which PenPenCol doesn’t have, it can attach a note which Notepad cannot do so. But it can be used for colour drawing which Diddlebug cannot.

A pretty neat list interface.

After writing so much, I think I will stick to Sketcher as it has everything I need.

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