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sms crashes on Treo 650

I encountered this problem twice where messaging can crash my treo. I noticed this happened when all my messages in Inbox, Sent and Outbox had over 270 messages, what happened next was my Inbox suddenly disappeared out of a sudden. I couldn’t send out sms and when there were incoming message, the treo soft reset itself. This happened before I did the firmware update for GMS Treo 650. I solved this problem by hard reset and restored device by backupman. I got back the 270++ over messages, I tried to delete SMS Messages2 database but it didn’t work. I had to delete manually all the messages one by one and this way working fine. So I lost all the sms at one time, this disaster never end yet and happened again a month later, just after I updated the firmware. Everything same when all the messages reached a ’saturated’ quota, all messages in my Inbox disappeared out of a sudden, but the treo didn’t reboot itself and I was able to send and receive new messages.
This is very strange. It seems to me I would need to do housekeeping for sms on treo, only so I hope it won’t be happening every month. I am not sure whether this nasty problem ever happens in other carriers’ treo. If so, I will suggest everyone to clean your inbox frequently.

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