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This is a freeware by doomsey from TreoCentral, keyshades is a free alternative to KBLightsOff and mLights to control the keyboard backlights on Treo 650 (may work on the Treo 600). Currently usable keyboard backlights utilities are sharewares. It’s really good to see the freeware alternative. There’s no screenshot to show, after installation of keyshades, it will soft reset itself. By long pressing the side button I can now toggle on/off of the keyboard backlights. What’s more, it’s only 7KB!!
Besides keyshades, doomsey has Kill Touchscreen which allows users to disable the touchscreen, and Reset Netlib which solves a myriad of networking problems that can crop up. The most common of these is the stack running out of sockets.

These applications were intented to be used in Treo 650, may work on other OS 5 devices.

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