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Scheduling soft reset

I find my Treo 650 very often slowing down to a crawl and I have to soft reset to fix this issue. So I thought to schedule soft reset events perhaps a daily basic will be a good practice for the Treo. Special case like Tungsten T5, I’d heard many users complained about a daily crash for their T5, because of running out of memory or some sort. I have no idea if a schedule soft reset for T5 would help, but it is a must-have for PPC devices, and I have a feeling that current PalmOS devices becoming so much complicated and tools like DBCache for T5 and UDMH are necessary to keep the device stable.

I found an inexpensive way for scheduling soft reset in Treo 650 automatically , it is applicable to other devices I believe. There are only two freewares needed, crony which allows you to make schedule periodic events, and mReset which does only soft reset.

Soft ResetSoft ResetSoft Reset

By selecting “Start app”, click on the tool sign besides you will see the second screenshots as above. The ID value can be determined by a palm resource editor such as Bird, for mReset the ID valus happened to be 0. Click OK and you are almost done, for Min, Hour, Day, WDay and Month are all your preference. You can see in the third screenshot that, mReset is the application will be started on schedule.

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