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I am wondering how many fellows out there have their favorite songbooks on their palms. Carrying a PDA nowadays is equivalent to carry a range of ebooks, games, and mp3, to most people if not all. I know quite a number of my friends use their palms as mp3 player. It would be nice when listen to a song and sing it the same time, here comes our palm to help us with the lyrics.

Inspired by risumfiriri (he has a great site on palm, if you know Chinese you must visit it, if you don’t know then it’s time to learn, or you can use babelfish for translation), Progect Manager which is a project manager application can also be used as songbook manager.

See the screenshot below, open up Progect Manager and set up the list, the lyrics were written as notes:

As simple as that, but this is not end of the story yet. You can view these lyrics in your desktop, by simply export them as DOC (html), remember to tick at “Note” otherwise the notes won’t be exported:

I used BBEdit to view PalmDOC in Mac (DocReader for PC users), and saved it as html. It’s now become as below:
Nice huh?

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