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Look like I really like to talk about ’soft reset’ occasionally, but my Treo 650 just doing fine without giving me any nasty problem nowadays. Currently I’m using mReset, it does only one thing that’s to soft reset your device. It’s small but may not be enough.

I found another two apps for this purpose, but they offer more than a soft reset.
1. ResetMe 0.1 - it gives you the option of either performing a soft or warm reset. It’s nice, however, it seems to me it’s rather redundant. If you know how to perform a warm reset you can hold down the Up button while resetting with mReset, likewise, hold down the Power button and release after seeing the circular palm powered logo will turn into hard reset. Unfortunately, some people just forget how to do it, this is highly recommended for those forgetful. :p

2. Soft Reset 1.1 - this one let you choose to whether to calibrate the digitizer after every soft reset. It also sort of allows you to launch another application immediately after every soft reset.

Well, I will still stick to mReset, as it’s really very very small! (5K in my unlocked GSM Treo 650 w/o the memory patch, 781 bytes in other Treo 650 with unofficial version 1.23 firmware update)

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