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Some thoughts on StyleTap

StyleTap (beta) is released and claims to run PalmOS apps on PPC, it’s very interesting software and I can think of its great potential. However, I got fatal error while trying to run this interpreter on my only PPC Acer n30 (error code: access violation Pc: 0×560d8. The program will now terminate). Well I am not trying again, it looks good to me but not for me yet. I will still use PalmOS device as my main PDA of daily use.
Seriously I feel that this is not for everyone, sooner or later ppc users would find the equivalent programs written for ppc platform besides only developed for palm. Although PalmSource always claims that there’re more than 22,000 apps developed for palm, in reality we palm users will never have the chance to have so much apps to run in our devices (for example some apps are specifically designed to run in Treo such as keyshades, or in TG 50 such as KeyQuick, or Tungsten C such as NetChaser. These apps give our devices some sort of personality so every PalmOS device will not be the same), it only means we have great varieties in choosing our favourite programs. If take a look at Palmgear’s top popular apps picked up by users, you can find that most of them already have equivalent in PPC platform. Just to name a few, as I am not professional to do a serious statistics yet still make sense, if you want good database software in PPC you can use ListPro, this is as powerful as Smartlist To Go or HanDBase. If you want to read ebooks on PPC you can use Team One’s Reader which supports various format, why the need for e-reader from palm? If you want something like splashwallet or PMT xl, you can use eWallet Professional. In fact, I feel that this emulator is of no point of getting for long-time PPC users. However, I would rather look at the optimistic way, PPC users can use palm apps and they might like palm too. StyleTap is an interpreter/emulator, it can never replace any PalmOS devices. I can imagine some palm users whom find themselves disappointed and tired of recent palmOne products (because the lack of wifi) would be very happy about this. Now they can make the shift to PPC and please don’t blame palmOne or PalmSource again.

Nonetheless, I have a feeling next time when I drop by any PDA computer shops down town, I will be hearing the sales personnel explaining to the newbies of PDA, “you can run all palm apps on pocket pc with an emulator, if you buy pocket pc you have both worlds!” Now I know why my fellows tend to consider PPC for their first purchase of PDA, because it’s more expensive and so the sales personnel are happy to promote them. palmOne Singapore, please do advertise more. Oops, off-topic.

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