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New iPod, yeah yeah

I dropped my 3rd generation iPod last week, and now the new iPod is out. It’s time for me to upgrade, I got a good reason and don’t feel guilty at all. My iPod was already out of warranty, it dropped accidentally while I put it into pants pocket. It didn’t fit in, however, it dropped by the gravity force. Oh…

Just placed my order for the new 20G iPod with colour display, with better battery life (15 hours) and vivid colour, can view photos and carry a photo library with me (yes, iPod and iPod photo are one at the same now). It’s great, but if it has bluetooth or at least IrDa so I can transfer photos/files over from Treo without depending too much on desktop (iTunes).

I’m thinking to sell my old 3rd generation iPod cheap, it’s still working however, while playing songs it will stop half way and obviously can hear noise comes out from the spinning drive. Maybe I will just pass over to my sister, or maybe give it to cash converter.

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