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I received the new iPod with colour display on that same day after I placed my order. Having fully charged the iPod for more than 5 hours (the experts over at iPodlounge said charging for 3 hours before first use is recommended), I went out to shop for nice casing to cover up my sexy iPod. Initially I wanted a sleevz from RadTech but ended up with silicon Podskin for 4G 20GB iPod. The cases designed for 4G 20GB iPod is still compatible with iPod with colour display, the only difference is 2 mm thickness in the new iPod that I’ve read in here. (6.1 x 10.4 x 1.4 cm for 4G iPod, 6.1 x 10.4 x 1.6 cm for new iPod with colour display)

So my docking for 3G iPod no longer can be used for this new one to sit its ass on. Am I going to rely on the poor USB 2.0 cable that included with the package? No way, it’s too slow. Fortunately, I still can use the FireWire cable that used to be included with pass standard ‘iPods’ that came with my 3G iPod. Besides this, I also noticed the sizes difference of the packages between the 3G iPod and the latest iPod with colour display. I still remembered just two years ago a 3G 15GB iPod with black and white display was slightly expensive than current iPods. In my impression, iPods are getting cheaper and this simply means fewer accessories included in the packages compared to the pass.
Left: 3G iPod. Right: iPod with colour display.
Now in the box, includes only apple earphones, AC adaptor and one USB 2.0 cable. Interesting enough, the AC adaptor can be used like a AC to USB adaptor, i.e. I can actually plug in my Treo 650 sync-charge cable to the apple’s AC adaptor and charge the Treo 650 right away.

Ok, this is the first iPod I own that has colour display. To be honest, I don’t like the colour display after two days uses. It seems to me slightly yellowish and when it dims down, it’s very difficult to discern what’s on the screen. I used to read notes in my 3G iPod, I even used it to read chinese novel (using Pod2Go to get around with the 4K file size limit). Now if I off the backlight I won’t be able to read anything indoor. Hmm…
The screen is very bright.

Of the click wheel, I don’t quite used to it. I got to click and press on the wheel, whereas in my 3G iPod just required me to ‘touch’ on buttons that’s it (aka ‘touch’ wheel). Hopefully this is just a matter of time to get used to. Of sound quality, I found that it’s not as good as my 3G iPod, why? I am using Grado SR60 headphone and Etymotic ER6i isolator earphones. Did I get a faulty set or what?

Well, I have read many about this new iPod with colour display. Most said this is not 5th generation iPod. I agree, at least I have not found any accessories that said ‘compatible with 5th generation iPod’, ah ha.

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