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Little-tube amplifier

I just got myself a headphone amplifier, the Little Dot II from here. It’s really small, yet look so elegant with the blue LED’s under the tubes. The seller sent it to me on Monday, however, it arrived on Wednesday! I didn’t know that it could be so fast to deliver (from China to Singapore), so I didn’t bring along the 6.5mm headphone adaptor when it arrived my workplace. Oh…


It can be used with PC, CD, DVD, or MP3 player, and can drive headphones with 30 ohm to 600 ohm. Saving up for the HD650….and a better audio source.

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  1. on 18 Nov 2005 at 12:35 pm Patrick Wong

    hi there. how do u find the amp so far? care to give some comment about it? any hissing noise?

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