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I am hooked with this game again, and I got the reason:
“Grouper is a cool puzzle-card game played by finding groups in a set of cards. It is based on the original card game Set, which is a modern kind of a match-the-tiles (Memory) game. But instead of matching 2 cards, Grouper requires 3. And there’s a catch: instead of looking for matches that are the same, now you’re also looking for matches that are completely different!

I had not been playing this game for a few months, and found they’d redefined the difficulty to Passed 3rd Grade, The Thinker and Analytical Genius, in contrast with previously levels of easy, medium and hard. Well, hard is still hard for me, and now the name “Analytical Genius” really scares me! The challenge of this game is to look for groups of same matches, as well as groups of different matches! You’ve got to differentiate four things within cards, namely card color, number of spots, spot color and spot type. This got to be confusing very easily. Interestingly, one of the comments I spotted over freewarepalm is this, “Women are (really!!) a lot better at this (try it out against your wife - or husband of course)” LOL

Download here

Some screenshots:
Grouper ScreenshotsGrouper ScreenshotsGrouper Screenshots
Hope it can make you become smarter after playing this game!

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