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Hellfire: Apache vs Hind

最近不少人都在谈论的游戏。。 有PalmOS和PPC windows mobile两种版本,很刺激~~
Hell Fire

Hellfire: Apache vs. Hind is an arcade helicopter combat game featuring:
Worldwide missions to complete, including multiple objectives per mission.
Varied enemies, Prisoners of war to rescue and varied enemies.
Choice of Apache AH64A/D Longbow or MiL Mi-24 D Hind helicopters, both with realistic weapon loadouts and capabilities.
Full realtime rendered terrain and enemies, along with high quality pre-rendered helicopter models.
Dynamic sound effects.
Varied gameplay with multiple levels of challenge.
Fully configurable control system.
Livy @2004-5-3 22:59:04
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Can i use the PWPCC to crack the game on pocket PC 2003?? My e-mail. mecotong@hotmail.com
By:Meco @2004-6-25 13:20:33

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