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Before I owned a Treo 650, I used to install games in main memory and yet I didn’t feel any constraint by doing so. Now I have Treo and many of these little games actually occupied a lot of space due to NVFS issues. (I still haven’t updated the firmwares being discussed over at TreoCentral) Therefore, I just found the “Copy” function that have been ignored by me for years to be very useful.
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The little puzzle game Grouper which I mentioned earlier yesterday used 40K in main memory of Treo, however, when I ‘copy’ it to memory card it showed the size only 16K! See what a difference. If you have games in the main memory, go and ‘copy’ them to the memory card and delete them from the launcher. Next time just remember to change destination from handheld to card while installing a new game at hotsync manager.

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