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The Dark Side

My hands getting itchy again, and I can’t stand with no major upgrade of a PDA at the moment. This is really irritating with only the Tungsten T5 available for sale on the market and the pre-release Treo 650 but not shipped worldwide yet. Though I’d said I would be given T5 a try in my prevous blog, however, you know it just won’t worth the price tag of SGD 718.

After careful consideration, I sold the Zire 71 away and got myself a pocket pc instead. Yes, I didn’t like the Windows Mobile at the past but it is not the case anymore. I’m preparing to love my pocket pc Asus Mypal A716. This is not the latest gadget, its successor A730 has the fantastic VGA display like all the latest PPC’s. But I read the reviews on asia cnet this is not really favourably among users unlike A716, which has everything on its hardware that a palm never have. Amazing? Yes, PALMs NEVER HAVE THEM ALL IN ONE DEVICE. Namely, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, user-replaceable battery, CompactFlash slot, microphone etc. To my surprise, to connect to wireless network and bluetooth PAN are so much easy, maybe because I already have my hands-on on some palms. But the speed of Wi-Fi is really impressive, I can open almost all webpages using pocket IE, and previously some websites that webpro on palm couldn’t open now I can view them with great enjoyment. I can now view and reply in chinese in the gmail-lite with no problem! And I also don’t need to change the simplified or traditional chinese settings on CJKOS in palm, because Windows Mobile supports unicode. Well, a great experience and I can now continue to make use of the bluetooth PAN (personal area network) in my lab, no need of the heavier laptop and extra LAN cable (our institution doesn’t have Wi-Fi).

Now I’m giving the “Dark Side” a try, my only complain maybe the low RAM and I still have no ideas how to cope with the limited and precious memory in a pocket pc. Well, next year wishing list the Treo 650 is no longer in my list…I’m very happy with the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to be honest, I’m now starts eyeing at the sexy O2 Xda IIs….. looks handsome isn’t it? :p

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