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Treo resets after hotsync

I have not installed anything in my Treo 650 these days and used only PIM and Documents To Go mainly for my work. Because of that, the last hotsync I performed was nearly one month ago and I depended on BackupMan heavily to keep my entire data backup.

Yesterday I was installing the Destaller Lite to the latest version, at the end of hotsyncing my Treo 650 reset itself and gave me the error message:

PIMsDataMgr.c, line:135,
checkRecordChunk means chunk is null

I did several hotsync and my Treo ended up soft reset itself with the same error message. I did Google search and gleaned as much information I could which related to my case. It seems that it was mainly caused by corrupted contacts and so the advice was to delete several databases listed below, and set the conduit settings to “Macintosh overwrites handheld”:


To make it safer, I beamed all my contacts over to my monochrome palm Acer s10, just in case and also the contacts in my Treo were more updated. So I did another round of hotsyncing, guess what, my Treo hang at synchronizing contacts! I did hard reset, used dbScan and fixAddressdb to scan for corrupted databases yet all looked O.K. When I opened Palm Desktop that I’d never used for long time, it pop out a message saying, “Volume is locked”. I quickly did another Google search and found out that my permissions for Palm Desktop have become corrupted. The instructions here asked to delete several files but actually a reinstallation of Palm Desktop would solve the problem.

After restarting my Mac, set conduit settings to “Macintosh overwrites handheld” the problem gone away. I beamed my contacts from s10 back to Treo and everything worked as normal.

In the end I still have no idea what would be the actual culprit, causing problem for me. Anyway, Google really helped a lot.

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