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Missing Sync for Palm OS 4.0

I just purchased Missing Sync for Palm OS 4.0, now I can mount my palm handhelds directly to the Mac for file transfer, it’s like drive mode that being missed in the latest handheld, Palm TX. Oh yeah, I have TX for almost a week.

The syncing process seems to be faster compared to the PalmSource Hotsync Manager, besides the speed, it has a far more neat interface showing all available conduits, with installation window just side-by-side.

But what I missed was to perform a network synchronization between handheld and desktop (I used to do so between PPC and PC), so Missing Sync seems to provide this network HotSycn between Mac and Palm via Wireless network. I was able to initiate a network sync with firewall shut off, however, I still got error and the synchronization never completed. Whoever success in network synchronization between TX and Mac, please drop me an email

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