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Using Getdeblu

Recently I found some good use of Getdeblu, that can be used to receive basically any files into the expansion card through Bluetooth, IrDA and Hotsync. I have a monochrome palm Acer s10 that I had never succeed with hotsyncing it with a Mac, even using Missing Sync for PalmOS. But I will still keep it for its excellent battery life, for the comfortable grayscale for e-Books reading at night, etc.

Below are some of the settings I use most often:

I used to save interesting articles as text files so I can read it later in my palm. These text files are usually larger than 4K, if you beam it over to other palm device the Memo Pad will be the default handling application and giving truncated files in the form of many many memos. This is irritating. With Getdeblu, the default application can be changed to Getdeblu and saved it to any other path of expansion card at ‘HotSync directory’, and my desire text reader will take care the rest.


In Treo 650, the default application to handle photos will be Media. But I found it extremely slow in loading and opening a photo. So if my friends were sending me photos from their phone, I use RescoViewer as default and quickly show them how crisp the display on my Treo and the slow Media won’t be able to embarrass me.


Friends beaming over few games for me to try? No problem, I normally accept them into expansion card, instead of Applications, under /Palm/Launcher. In fact, I have, all my games saved in SD card, YMMV.

P.S. On s10, newer versions of Getdeblu will cause fatal exception, I can only install version 1.0.

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